Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bubble Wrap

You finally get to see my face. I recently had my amp fixed, and in the box I was fortunate enough to find a vast amount of bubble wrap. I of course laid it down and the floor and ran on it through the hallway, while listening to Club Tropicana by the one and only George Michael.

Drake - Headlines (Explicit)

Drake's brand new video "Headlines" surfaced on YouTube a few weeks ago. It's a cool looking video, obviously high budget and full of product placement from Nike. I like the video and am a big fan of Drake, but this song isn't really doing it for me. It's just not in the same class as "Forever" or "Best I Ever Had."

I am quite disappointed, but from previous experience with Drake I know that not every song he does is my cup of tea. I'm sure that the Canadian will continue to drop down tracks that I will love. It's just sounding a bit more RnB/chart music more than the hip-hop I know and love.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Catch Me If You Can!

Hey everyone,

I haven't blogged for a while as I have been moving house, all very exciting but have just got internet today. The reason I am posting is to point you towards my live set tonight on social networking radio station, StudyVox FM.

I'm featuring on Deep Level Sessions, a show on StudyVox FM hosted by my good friend Duquan - who helped me get into DJing. I'll be talking for a bit and then get into my set, which will mainly consist of some of my favourite old dubs. The show starts at 8pm and runs until 9, and the radio station is very much in it's infancy so it'd be great if it could get as many listeners as possible.

See you all tonight at 8pm BST!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Virus Syndicate - Your Life (Starkey Mix)

New for 2011, Starkey has come out with a brand new track with Virus Syndicate - Your Life. Starkey is a resident DJ on Mistajam's Daily Dose of Dubstep on 1Xtra and has remixed tracks by some huge artists. Now the time has come to produce some original stuff and Virus Syndicate are a great group to start with.

I have been a fan of Virus Syndicate for a while, and could not stop listening to Talk to Frank for ages! This new track is strong and has a catchy hook, something that always grabs me when I listen to new tracks.

This just the tip of the iceberg for USA producer Starkey, as he is currently producing tracks for a host of big artists - Kelis, Missy Elliot, MIA, Britney Spears, and Dizzee Rascal!

So here is the video, produced by Courtney Phillips, you may even spot an ex Hollyoaks girl in there! This track is available now on Beatport.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Game featuring Lil Wayne - Red Nation

I haven't blogged in a while so thought I try and make amends by posting a decent track. Well I've failed, this track is more than decent, and it's been blaring out of my speakers constantly since I was first introduced to it.

Special thanks go to @NJC_wontlemmeBe for the recommendation on this track. I struggle to find new music at the moment as I am too busy at work. Luckily for me, @NJC_wontlemmeBe tweeted this track, and I trust his judgement so I gave it a listen!

The track samples Kernkraft 400 from Zombie Nation if I am not mistaken, and it's done really well. Sampling an iconic track like that could easily have turned into something pretty lame. I'm a big fan of both Lil Wayne and The Game so it was great to see them collaborate again.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (Official Video)

Bass Cannon is a massive new tune from Flux Pavilion. I've been loving playing this at home, in the car, and in the gym. It's a real head turner and this week the highly anticipated video dropped on YouTube. So without further ado, here is the video for Bass Cannon (which also features Doctor P) courtesy of Circus Records.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hyper - The End (Official Video)

Guy Hatfield aka Hyper is set to release his eagerly anticipated third studio
album ‘The Panic’ on April 4th 2011, on his own imprint, Distinctive.

The track above is called The End, and the accompanying video is pure class in my opinion. Lately I have been well into my exercise (another reason why I haven't been blogging so much!) and have been hitting the gym around 6 days a week. I need songs like this to motivate me when I'm lifting weights or going on long runs, they really do help.

This track reminds me of early Pendulum/Prodigy at a more trip-hop pace. I've not heard a lot of stuff like this so I've found it rather intriguing.

Now, with all good tracks out there, there's a remix worth listening to. The End is no exception with a nice jumpy remix from Beatman & Ludmilla, an equally good gym tune!

The End : Beatman and Ludmilla Remix by Hyper

If you liked either of the tracks then don't forget to Like Hyper on Facebook!

It's been so good to get back to blogging a proper tune! If you want more regular updates from me, or you just want to chat tunes, follow me on Twitter.
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